Summer Lawn Care Tips

grass seedlings

Want to keep your lawn looking great all summer long? Here’s a few tips from Bayer Advanced

1: Mow at the right height: You should never be removing more than 1/3 of the leaf surface at a time. This helps shade the soil to ensure deeper roots and less weed growth

2: Clean up after your dog: Avoid dead spots by thoroughly watering the area to dilute the soil. Train your pet to do it’s business in one area of your lawn to make this process easier.

3: Sharpen your mower blade: Dull blades tear the grass, creating openings for organisms that can cause disease

4: Let clippings lie: This process is called grasscycling and acts as a natural form of fertilizations

5: Treat for weeds: Apply weed control in late summer to early fall in order to prevent future weeds and kill any existing ones.