Summer Activities for Kids


Back to school may be right around the calendar corner but there are still a few days of summer left.

Need some ideas on how to fill those last few days? Here are some great ideas from Parents’ Magazine:

  1. Learn From Masters – Contact your Chamber of Commerce for information on local artist who host open house events or classes for youngsters.
  2. Create Obstacle Courses – Use your imagination and some hula hoops, jump ropes and even hoses to make an obstacle course.
  3. Factory Tours – Many factories offers tours so kids can see how their favorite products are created from start to finish.
  4. Make Some Goop –  A mysterious matter that kids can shape into balls or let ooze from their fingers.
  5. Happy Unbirthday Party – Since it’s nobody’s birthday, the guests can blow out the candles together!
  6. Play Hometown Tourist – Look into local landmarks, call the local historical society for some fun hometown trivia, and ask a neighbor for her favorite restaurant recommendation to try somewhere new.
  7. Chalk Bombs – Kids will have a blast with this chalk-bomb idea.
  8. Volunteer Your Time – Volunteering teaches compassion and responsibility—it also keeps kids busy.
  9. Petting Zoos – Nothing piques kids’ curiosity more than baby animals, so a visit to a petting zoo or even a pet store.
  10. Community Park Activities – Community parks offer an endless array of free and low-cost day camps and activities.

For all 25 ideas, visit the article Cheap Summer Fun.