Prettier Presents – Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Genius Gift Wrap Ideas for Prettier Presents

Presentation is everything.

First stop: shopping! Next stop: wrapping everything up!

  1. Polka Dots – While wintertime is usually full of plaids, this classic pattern looks right at home under the tree when paired with red ribbon

2. Paper Snowflake – Kick it up a notch from the elementary school version by making the flurries 3D. The key is creating an accordion fold, then trimming and snipping away.

3. Tulle Poofs – A fluffy topper outdoes a bow any day. Go big with an oversized tuft or, grouped in a trio, little poms can form a holly sprig.

4. Star GifBoxes – Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to disguise a present’s telltale shape. Keep it a mystery with these three-dimensional boxes that (bonus!) double as decorations.

5. Button-Down – Re-purpose a plaid shirt and you’ll be giving two gifts in one. Plus, how cute is that brooch “bow”?!

6. Sweet-Smelling Wreaths – Skip the paper and add a tiny wreath directly to the box instead. Soaked briefly in water, rosemary sprigs bend into a tiny frame.

7. Inked Monograms – Stamp your kids’ gifts with their first initial (all you need are alphabet rubber stamps, ink pads and blank rolls of paper). That way, come Christmas morning, they’ll know exactly which presents to unwrap.

8. Box Alternatives – Make a gift card more personal by tailoring the wrap to the item. Here, a home-store certificate nestles in a prettied-up paint can. For a manicure, use a cosmetics bag; for the movies, try a popcorn box.

9. Peppermint Treats – Plain white paper is the perfect backdrop for something sweet. Top packages with drug store candy, tree cuttings and ribbon for an elegant (and wallet-friendly) look.

10. Chalkboard Doodles – Put your drawing skills to the test with a little freehand design. Try adding trees, banners, wreaths, snowflakes and stars.

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